The Last Opportunity

The ground is frosty this morning, as it has been for the last several mornings, and there are still tee-times to be had at the golf club…with a frost delay, of course.  The club will close on Wednesday for the season.  But, none of this matters to  me this year because I’m so busy readying things for our move.  In the past, Brian and I would play until the last day, with golf gloves on both hands, and me with ear muffs, and the cart windshield up.   The last time I played this year, it was a lovely day, and I happened to have my camera.  I will remember that last day fondly, knowing that I just had to cut the season short this year.  It’s OK though, because I’m moving forward with our relocation efforts…and having a little fun doing it.

Two things are keeping me so busy with the move:  Packing and moving the things I can move (no big furniture yet), and painting the defunct laundry room.  My mother relocated her washer and dryer to the first level of the house several years ago to enhance the convenience of doing this necessary task.  So, the laundry room has been taken over by “stuff” that to me, looks like junk.  I’m sure some of it is not, and it’s not my mother’s stuff (my sister is the “junk” collector).  So I removed everything, and began transforming this room back into a laundry room and “art studio” for me.  It’s a nice big room, as laundry rooms go, and it has a door to the outside, a window, and a ½ bath with a window.  It’s really a nice space, and will be the perfect get-away or hang-out when I’m feeling creative.  I plan to finish it by next weekend, and then I can’t wait to furnish it!


…And now, but still not finished.

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3 Responses to The Last Opportunity

  1. maria wulf says:

    Good for you Diane, A room of your own!

  2. Diane Fiore says:

    Yes Maria! I painted the cement floor today…the room is beautiful!

  3. Ann says:

    Personal Space- Utopia! Glad you are finding enjoyment in something that could be otherwise. The pictures are lovely-wish I was there. I love The New England countryside.

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