Listening to the Turtles

I’ve been running all of my life…running here, running there, and in many cases, I’ve made it about the destination and how fast I can get there…..not the “tour”.

But turtles seem to think differently.  They just mosey along in a leisurely manner.   And I love turtles.   Maybe I love them because of this trait, this method of living.

One day, a friend gave me a beautiful ceramic turtle and a card.  The card said “Slow Down!”   I got the message loud and clear.   So I’m committed now to consider the turtle frequently as a way of adopting this method of living, or at least to continue to work at it.  It doesn’t work all of the time…it’s deeply ingrained in my personality to keep running, but it sure has given me hope that it’s OK to slow down.

My mother-in-law caught me admiring a little turtle that she had on her radio in her kitchen, and insisted that I take it.  So I did, and I stuck him to my dashboard where I would see him every day.

My little turtles give me daily reminders of the importance of slowing down.



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4 Responses to Listening to the Turtles

  1. maria wulf says:

    I know all about the turtle Diane, I too can learn from him

  2. Helen Tarof says:

    Hi Diane I tried to  E-mail a reply to you last night by way of dmfs and it didn’t go thru, and it was a nice long message,ANYWAY  I loved the little story about the turtle. That little turtle sent me a message to slow down a little and not try to do everything in one day and poop myself out. Hope al is well with you and  Brian and the pups. By the way when is moving day or has it come and gone?  I had for- gotten about the little turtle I had on the radio, you did a good job drawing it. Take care Love You ALL Helen


  3. mafarckle says:

    I love your little dashboard turtle, like a surfboard turtle, little “Surfie”.  And I also love the message.  Love, Mom


  4. Ann says:

    Oh this was a great post on your blog,Diane! I need a turtle,too!

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