Nafisa’s Students

Our feet never left the ground.  We never got carried away with our selves.  But I think we may have been left a little bewildered by the realization of the possibilities of leading a creative life.

Our Art Class came to a close last night.  A door has been opened, and I think everyone in class can agree that the sky is now the limit.  As I got to know some of my fellow students, I learned that this opportunity for formal instruction in the art world has been long-awaited, and embraced as a new path in our inventive and imaginative lives.  It seems that everyone has had an idea that the creative spark was bubbling at the surface.  This was, I believe, a common thread we shared.  We shocked ourselves, and we shocked each other.  We learned valuable lessons about creativity and human capacity from our own personal artistic experiences, and we learned from each other.  I think the most important thing we learned is that everyone has the ability to be creative….not necessarily drawing or painting, but everyone has the spark.  It’s a matter of finding your own special gift(s), and then pursuing them.

Nafisa’s words to me last night will never be forgotten:  “Don’t ever give up, Diane.”

My words to Nafisa today:  “Your guidance and committment to us will be carried into the future.  Thank you, dear teacher, for opening our hearts and minds to another one of life’s gifts.”

Some of my happy and satisfied classmates

This is Barbara. She threw around the idea of writing a story book and illustrating it. I can totally see her creating for the world. Oh, the possibilities!

Meet Vernetta. She is the proud mother of 2 artistic daughters. One of her daughters created a mural many years ago in the very school that we had our class in. The mural is still there. We know now where her daughters got their talent!


Chris began to branch out and use color in her drawings. This Loon drawing is beyond beautiful! If I didn’t know any better, I would have been convinced after seeing this that she has been drawing all her life…but this is not so. Amazing talent!

Ann chooses things to draw that have intricate detail. This ear of corn looked absolutely real! Her son is an accomplished artist, and she shared some of his work with us. Another case of a child inspiring a parent.

We were all mesmerized with Tom and his work. He was the only student who had been creating for 45 years. We eagerly observed this experienced artist at work, and listened carefully to his encouraging comments about our work.

Jerry drew this pumpkin with such detail and masterful shading, that it almost looked 3 dimensional. Jerry swears he has never drawn before. He has an eye and a gift for detail and perfection. This pumpkin is proof.

Lisa, our youngest budding artist, drew things that ended up looking better than the picture she was using as a guide. Some how, she figured out how to blend the charcoals to look like velvet. She makes this whole thing look easy.

Debra commented often how relaxing Art Class was. Her creativity began with choosing something to draw, and then never giving up until she felt satisfied. Her drawing of this car was masterfully shaded, and looked real!

We were all so interested in the art work of an experienced and accomplished artist. Nafisa recognized our desire to witness our instructor’s creations, and often brought pieces to class to share with us. These 2 pieces are amazing examples of her talent.

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5 Responses to Nafisa’s Students

  1. mafarckle says:

    Very beautiful in so many ways.  Math is the language of science and art is the language of the soul.  Thank you again for sharing your beauty.  Love, Mom


  2. Raining Iguanas says:

    What a great way to ignite friendships as well as creativity. Those drawings were great.

  3. Ann says:

    You are all wonderfully talented artists! How gracious of you,Diane,to show your fellow artists’ work. You know what I think? These kindred spirits coming together in fellowship brought out the best in all of you! I really enjoyed seeing your works.

    • Diane Fiore says:

      Thanks Ann. The class far exceeded my expectations…knowing people in my class from other areas of my life, the amazing things people did, the exceptional teacher, etc. It was a wonderful time.

  4. Care says:

    Thanks for showing us your class mates and their art. Everything looks great.

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