Work Party Weekend: Camp Chingachgook

Camp Headquarters

The lobby at Camp Headquarters. Tons of info on all of their programs in the canoe.

Camp Chingachgook on Lake George will be celebrating a centennial milestone in 2013.  The camp is part of the Capital District YMCA family, and provides get-away opportunities for hundreds of children every summer.  The fun doesn’t end when Sumer ends.  Girl and Boy Scout troops have camp outings all year long.  Other groups also enjoy the Camp, with special weekends for Families, Women, Mothers and Daughters, Fathers and Sons, etc.  The camp also offers two Winter Wonderland day events, Kayaking, Sailing, and incredible meals for Thanksgiving and Easter.  Two volunteer weekends also take place every spring and fall, where work parties form and get a lot of work done.

Some of the leaders of the work parties…and Brian on the left.

150 volunteers gathered this weekend and accomplished amazing things.  There were Girl and Boy Scout Troops, families, and single people.  Raking, staining, building raised garden beds, and splitting and stacking wood were some of the tasks.  Brian and I helped stain 2 newly built tent decks, and a bunch of new picnic tables strewn around camp.

Staining and the building of the raised garden boxes.

A bee hive we discovered under one of the decks we were staining.

Wood splitting and stacking.

Over night cabin accommodations were available for anyone who wanted to stay, and a hearty meals were served.

The view from our cabin window.

The dining hall.

3:00 pm on saturday was the official quitting time for the day, and camp staff offered activities for anyone who had the energy.  Archery, rock climbing, hiking, and table top games were some of the recreational activities to choose from.  Brian and I chose to hike.  We grabbed our friends’ dog, Zoey, and took her with us.  Our friends Care and Dan live and work at Camp, and invited us to take Zoey on our hike.  She’s a master hiker and hunter, all 22 pounds of her!

Brian & Zoey

Overlooking Lake George from First Lookout.

Lake George from Stewart’s Ledge.

The fall scenery in the natural world is unmatched beauty.  When I’m in the woods or a natural setting like a lake or a pond, especially in the Fall, I always feel free of worry, and a sense that there’s nothing in my life that can’t be made somewhat less sad or troublesome when surrounded by natural beauty.  Being enveloped in nature brings a sense of infinite wonder to my life.

It was an exhausting weekend…in a good way.  The bonus was the extra hour of rest that came with the Fall time change.  I really, really needed that!

The lake in the early morning.

The beautiful woods, with Lake George on the horizon.

These vines remind me that there are passage ways into a magical places, if you dare to believe.

A pond at camp, built by beavers.

Getting back to Camp after the hike.

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6 Responses to Work Party Weekend: Camp Chingachgook

  1. Ann says:

    Sounds and looks like an amazing weekend in a gorgeous setting. The photos are great. Hope I can make it out to your part of the country one day. And I love the name Chingachgook!

  2. Diane Fiore says:

    I’d love to make it out West some day. Pockets of beauty everywhere. Hope you can head East some day too!

  3. Helen Tarof says:

    Hi Diane, Thanks for the beautiful pictures, they make me kind of homesick for the Northeast. It looks like you not only worked, but had a very spiritual weekend too. I’m glad you and Brian enjoy doing things together. Take Care, Love you Both Helen


  4. mafarckle says:

    That is beautiful to be able to help out. I also liked the magical place, where I believe in fairies. Love, mom


  5. Thank you for the visit to an old friend.
    We’re the boys from Chingachgook you hear so much about
    The people stop and stare at us whenever we go out
    We’re noted for our wisdom and witty things we do
    I forgot the rest of this it was over forty years ago…

  6. Diane Fiore says:

    John, The woods and water are calling to you for a visit…and they’re waiting to hear the whole chant!

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