The Fabulous Beekman Boys & The Amazing Race

Our very own neighbors (regionally-speaking)- are in the Amazing Race!

Josh and Brent are the Fabulous Beekman Boys from the Beekman Farm in Sharon Springs, NY.  They moved to the farm from NYC in 2007, where they both had formal careers.  Josh was an Advertising Art Director, and Brent worked as a physician, and was the Vice President of Healthy Living for Martha Stewart Omnimedia.    Now, they’re goat farmers, and have launched a very successful business from different facets of their rural life.

You can catch the Amazing Race on Sunday’s at 8pm, EST, on CBS.

Josh and Brent are also on the Cooking Channel on Thursdays at 10pm, EST.  The show is quite entertaining, and offers great insight of their life on the farm.

In addition to their herd of goats, the Farm also has its real own Diva.  Her name is Polka Spot, and she’s a llama!  She appears on their show from time to time, and she’s hard to ignore.  My friend Jill and I are such fans of Polka Spot’s that we found our own little llama, and primped her to look like the Farm’s Famous Diva.  We are so inspired by the Beekman Boy’s, their farm, and Polka Spot’s bossy attitude that we wrote a little ditty:

Polka Spot, Oh Polka Spot

We met Josh and Brent on Main Street, USA,

The Fabulous Beekman Boys are here to stay.

They’ve transformed our lonely Sharon Springs,

And plan to promote many interesting things.

Their goods range from cheeses to soaps,

Brought to us by their lovely goats.

Farmer John is the goat’s sturdy shepherd,

He cares deeply about his flock…

Even the ones whose pasts are checkered (:>)

Polka Spot, though, is the Queen of the farm,

She guides her humans with all of her charm.

She can be sassy and spitty, and overall snitty,

But we all know she’s nothing but exceptionally pretty.

So, Polka Spot, Polka Spot,

Where ever you roam,

We love you, we love you,

And want to take you home!!

 jill and diane

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One Response to The Fabulous Beekman Boys & The Amazing Race

  1. mafarckle says:

    That is so cute.  You both are pretty clever.  Love, Mom


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