Moving on up…

…..and by up, I mean north….just a little…..about 20 miles.

Brian and I have decided to move in with my mother.  Mom’s been living alone for 8 years, ever since Dad died.  We proposed this to her in July, and she agreed.  We’ll help each other….she’ll continue to provide us with the wisdom and humor that 70+ years produces, and we’ll take care of the house and yard.  Oh, I’m sure she’ll still help, but it’s always more fun when you’re not doing it all alone.

There are of course, Pros and Cons to moving:

Pro: Cleaning out!  I’m not alone when I look surprised at all of the (meaningless) stuff we have.  I’ve heard it many times from people who have cleaned out.  Now I’m one of them.

Con: We won’t have time for a garage sale, so we have to physically move way more than we need.

Pro:  We’re moving to the house and town I grew up in.  Some of my friends either never left, or moved back.  We’ll be neighbors again!  Hey Bonnie, Donny, Carol, Margie, Eric & Lori!!

Con:  We’ll miss our wonderful neighbors….all of them! Thanks for the memories, Bob and Barb, Jean and Tim, Joel and Pon, Marcia and Nick, Don, Paula, Evan, Toni, Diane, and Fran!

Pro:  Our “new” yard is partly in the woods.  We’ll see all kinds of wildlife that we don’t see in our neighborhood, including geese flying over 2 times a day, like clockwork.

Con:  We’ll miss our neighborhood dogs, especially Jack, Dakota, Sandy, Simon, Jake, Mia, Sammy, Duchess, Bella, and Oliver.

Pro:  There’s a farm stand, Walmart, Aldi’s, AAA, Home Depot, Lowes, a liquor store, Kohls, a bowling alley, and a Cracker Barrel all within walking distance.

Con:  The places mentioned above are really way to close.   (I’m not used to such conveniences)

Pro:  The biggest PRO:  We’ll be with Mom!

There are many more Pros than Cons, many of which we have yet to discover.

So, onward we go…….we’re moving on up!

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3 Responses to Moving on up…

  1. One more pro. Writing material.

  2. mafarckle says:

    I am happy for you Diane.  That is a great decision for you and your mom.  Then you will have more stories to tell of your new adventures.  Love, Patti


  3. Care says:

    You will be closer to my parents. I will have to introduce you. 🙂
    Let us know if you need any help moving.

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