A Little Autumn Train Ride

Mom and I, and about 450 other people, took a train ride from Saratoga to North Creek yesterday.  It rained a little on and off during the day, but only when we were on the train or in a little restaurant eating lunch.  I never had to open my umbrella.

Conductor Mike was friendly, and seemed to love his job!

The scenery from the train was beautiful, and we had fun trying to figure out where we were as we sped through little towns.

We arrived in North Creek a few hours later.  It’s a very small, depressed town, with a lot of charm.  Unique shops, with Gore Mountain close by.  Some took a shuttle to Gore to ride the Gondola while others strolled the “Street” in “Down Town” North Creek.  We spent 3 hours there.  Just enough time to see the entire town, all of the shops, and have lunch.

This is pretty much the entire town.

I’m thinking that biking is a popular sport in North Creek.

Mom and I

A few words of advice:

1.  They advise getting there 30 minutes before departure.  Make that 45 minutes to an hour.  The parking at the Saratoga Station is horrible.

2.  Try not to use the bathroom on the train!  I won’t describe…just trust me.

3.  The train is a double-decker.  Sit up stairs.

4.  Sit on the side of the train that borders the Saratoga train station building ….that’s the side where most of the views of the Hudson River are.

5.  Relax and have fun.

The trip is worth the $27 charge.  Oh…if you make reservations early enough, you can book a reservation in the Dome car.  The cost is $50, and I guess it has a glass ceiling.  I didn’t actually see the inside of that car, because us second-class coach customers were not allowed.

All Aboard!

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3 Responses to A Little Autumn Train Ride

  1. mafarckle says:

    Hi Diane, the photos were pretty and I like the pictures of you and your Mom. Thank you. Love, Patti


  2. It’s funny how you listed your words of advice, I was constructing a similar one on traveling to Cape Cod. It is wise to write them down. You inspired me to share them. That looks like a nice day trip. The foliage time window is way too short.

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