Schaghticoke Belles

“Schaghticoke Belles” is not the real name of these flowers, but the seeds came from a friend of mine who lives in Schaghticoke.  So, since we didn’t know the official name, I assigned Brian the task of naming them.  Hence: Schaghticoke Belles

They are an annual flower that produces a gazillion seeds.  I collect the seeds in the fall, and plant them again in the spring, around the end of April.  I water them every day until they start germinating, then I forget about them.  And they grow into beautiful, hearty flowers.  The flowers close up during the day, and open up in the evening.

This is my second year growing them, and I have more seeds then I know what to do with.  So, if anyone would like a bunch, email me at:, and I will gladly send some your way… charge!

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