The Hubbard Hall Writers Group

We came together one fine June day

All in all, we had little to say


We were speechless and nervous

And in splendid awe

To be in the presence of Jon Katz —

We had drawn the long straw


John is our milk man

Jen, our resident Doc

Rachel surprised us with her never-ending mock


Christine grouped us on Facebook, she did

And Kim charmed us with her pug, who thinks she’s her kid


We were anxious to meet Becki, we heard she’s a hoot

And our dear Jon Katz promised, he’d not give us the boot


We are plugging along

On our dreams to create

We’ve been nothing but supportive

Which is surely Great!


Our final piece, we await in anticipation

As we put together our shared compilation.





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3 Responses to The Hubbard Hall Writers Group

  1. Ann says:

    Fellowship is a treasure,no matter where it is found. Some have religious affiliations,sports,animals,gardening,the list is endless. You all found it in a writer’s workshop. We all can enjoy the manifestations of your dreams in your blogs. It’s a brilliant thing!

  2. Jen Baker-Porazinski says:


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