Meet the Members of our Writers Group

Kim Gifford comes from a small Vermont town.  She is a photographer, a freelance writer, a Memoir Writing instructor, and a talented artist!   She is also a Pug Admirer Extraordinaire.  You can see some of this gifted member’s work at her Pugs and Pics blog:

Rachael Barlow hails from a rural Vermont town.  This country dweller is married to a local actor.  They have 2 boys who provide daily material for their mother to contemplate.  Rachael’s writing and artistic abilities have been untapped, and are now developing at breakneck speed.  We all look forward to, what we believe, will be amazing contributions to our project. Her blog is called Picking my Battles; Dispatches From the Home Front:

Becki Trudell also brings her creativity and talent from Vermont.  She is a college student, and has a passion and a gift for writing.  She also brings a slice of youth to our group, and holds “The Youngest” title.  Her well established blog is called Becki Trudell Grossly Negligent:

John Greenwood, a former truck driver and current manager, is a longtime employee of  Stewart’s Shops Corporation.  He had a period of enlightenment that started several years ago, which brought him into the world of writing, and brought life to his life.  He is a gifted poet and an all-around creative writer.  Some of his writings have even been published.  He had the courage to start a blog several years ago.  It’s quite interesting, and called Raining Iguanas:

The well-known Jon Katz, is our leader.  He has been expertly encouraging and challenging us on our individual paths, to break down fear and free us from self-doubt. We hinge on his every word, and so appreciate his confidence in us.  His Bedlam Farm  blog is a constant source of entertainment and insights about life on a farm and beyond:

I encourage you to visit these sites.  You won’t be disappointed!

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