**** O NEGATIVE ****

Less than a year ago, one of my benevolent friends informed me that I had to start donating blood.  The only choices she gave me about the whole thing was the date, the time, and where I wanted to have breakfast before the dreaded donation.  Although I felt the urge to resist her, I didn’t want to appear” baby-ish” or ignore the extreme importance of blood donation.  So, off we went to Grandma’s Pie Shop for breakfast, and then to the Red Cross.   I learned that I was O Negative, and that my blood type was universal.  That was great.  What’s scary about my blood type is that I can only receive O Negative!  (Us O Negative people have got to support each other!)

Today was my 5th donation, and my first time going alone.  My benevolent friend went on a cruise this past winter, and visited a country that took her off the viable donor list for a YEAR!   The kind blood drawers recognized my uneasiness, and got me through it….no problems!

Thank you, Angele and Megan!  I’ll be back in 56 days or so!


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3 Responses to **** O NEGATIVE ****

  1. Jill says:

    You go girl! I am very proud of you.

  2. Ann says:

    You are brave and I am not! I also do not meet the weight requirement to do a blood draw. One fear I won’t have to face anytime soon,unless I keep eating this strawberry ice cream! I honor your effort.

  3. Diane Fiore says:

    Ann, At least you have a good reason to not donate. I never did, except that I was a coward. Good reason, though, to keep eating that ice cream!

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