Merganser’s Crossing: It’s Origin

When I was considering establishing a blog after being advised to do so by Jon Katz, out Writer’s Group leader, I was stuck on what I could possibly name it.   I wanted to title it something general like a place, rather than a subject.  I thought this would give me latitude to write about anything.  So I thought of So and So Farm, or Place, or Park, or Terrace.  But nothing seemed right.  About 3 weeks ago, I was camping at Camp Chingachgook in Lake George, NY, and came across a family of mergansers crossing a pond.  Luckily I had my camera and got a shot.   And luckily, it occurred to me to call my blog Merganser’s Crossing.   Once that was settled, I could move forward.   Thank you to all who have visited.  I’m eternally grateful to each and every one of you!





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7 Responses to Merganser’s Crossing: It’s Origin

  1. Michele Linehan, and Marie and Tina:) says:

    Eternally Grateful for knowing you……..too

  2. Ann says:

    The reason I stopped to take a look at your blog was because of the name Mergansers Crossing. I love these striking water birds! Here in Washington State,I see them on The Columbia River. Last week,I saw a mother and her babies dabbling in the shallows and it made my entire day. Just a sighting of them can lift my spirits and energize me.

    Your blog does the same! Thanks!!!


  3. Raining Iguanas says:

    I am glad you explained the name. Now I can add another Chingachgook memory to my mind-album.

  4. Care says:

    I am so glad you had your camera that day. Also I feel honored I was with you when the picture that started your blog was taken! Do you know I keep returning to that spot and the Mergansers are never there? It was such a blessing that they were there when you, Jill and I were there.

    • Diane Fiore says:

      Care, that was so great running into them….and watching them climb that wooded dam was funny. Nature is really facinating! I’m glad you were there too.

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