Who Knew?

I met a man yesterday walking along the road with his camera.  I stopped and asked what was so interesting that it deserved to be photographed.  He told me he was looking for riffles and bugs on the Bozenkill Creek in Altamont, NY.  So I said “Why are you looking for ripples?”   (I was sort of intrigued, or maybe just being polite)   He said they are called riffles, (A stretch of choppy water caused by such a shoal or sandbar) and the DEC has requested that people sign up to find riffles and bugs to assist with determining water quality.  Oh, OK…I get it……well not really.  I question him: “Do they test the bugs for toxins?”  Answer: “No, but the presence of certain bugs on waterways determines water quality.”  Then he walked away.

Now I’m really am intrigued!  Where can I sign up??

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3 Responses to Who Knew?

  1. Kmorrow@nycap.rr.com says:

    This is so interesting, Luth!

  2. Care says:

    We have a Stream and Wetlands class and the kids learn about the critters in our water. I was told that the bugs we have can only live in the cleanest water. Cool, huh?

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