Grandma Moses and Aunt Penny

Even if we don’t know what Grandma Moses was famous for, we have all heard of her.  Aunt Penny is less well known, but equally gifted, at least in my opinion.

Aunt Penny was a stand-up comedian who hailed from Saxtons River Vermont. She wasn’t always working an audience and making people laugh, though. She was an unassuming community member who married, worked for a living, and was a crossword puzzle genius. I think she left Saxtons River twice in her life, (I may be exaggerating) but was very worldly, and had an amazing talent for making people laugh.

Aunt Penny, know to the United States Social Security office as Alice Austin Packard, was the aunt and great aunt of some close friends. She became my aunt too. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

In 2003, a creative group of thespians and entertainers from Saxtons River requested that this 87 year old performer be a part of their “15 Year Anniversary Cabaret”.  Aunt Penny accepted the invitation, and reserved 5 seats in the front row for our little group.  May I say, we were blown away by this senior!  She never cracked a smile during her 15 minute performance, but the audience was out of control, laughing.

What Grandma Moses and Aunt Penny have in common:
Both were from the Northeast
Both were extremely hard working
Both had ordinary lives
Both had extraordinary lives
Both let their senior ages guide them, not discourage them
Both provided creativity and entertainment to humanity
Both were masterpieces

Thank you, Grandma and Aunt, for the surprising gifts you have given the world.

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2 Responses to Grandma Moses and Aunt Penny

  1. Ann says:

    As I read this post,my husband was watching a sports show,glorifying athletes. I was thinking,it is the elders in our society who we should be glorifying. If we put as much effort and honor towards seniors and their achievements,we might actually be able to LEARN from history and EVOLVE passed it!

  2. Jill says:

    I know, love and miss Aunt Penny dearly. Of course, she was always known to me as “Ant Alice”…Yes, that is how I addressed her in my letters as a little girl…How else would a child spell ant. Now you have piqued my interest in Grandma Moses. I will definitely have to read about her.

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