Do You Believe in Frogs?

Do You Believe in Frogs?

My dear friend, Jill, is selling her house and moving to Florida.  I’m all for this move (Not!), and hope she sells soon (Cough).  Seriously, selling her house is the one and only thing that will hold her up.  A few days ago, she was notified that a couple wanted to tour her house.  Although she has no reason not to feel positive each time this opportunity presents itself, she felt an undeniable serge of affirmation as she left her house for work that morning, and intersected paths with a frog on her sidewalk.  She’s a city dweller, and has never seen a frog in the 6 years she lived there.  She adores frogs, and explained to me that the first thing she thought was “This is a sign!  I’m going to sell my house soon.”  The next day, she got a phone call from her realtor that they wanted another tour! 

Last night, I saw a hundred frogs as our Jon Katz-lead Writing Group met for the second time at Hubbard Hall in Cambridge, NY.  As all of the members talked about their ideas for stories, I felt like I could predict that the future of this endeavor is going to be nothing short of interesting, eye-opening, and life changing!

Do you believe in frogs now?  I do.


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5 Responses to Do You Believe in Frogs?

  1. kenaces says:

    I believe in Jill 🙂

  2. Raining Iguanas says:


  3. Jen Baker-Porazinski says:

    yep. love ’em!

  4. Ann says:

    I’ve always known frogs are magical. Just think of fairy tales. Kiss a frog-get a prince!

  5. Jill says:

    My backyard frog…I haven’t seen him again, but I know he was a good sign. The couple has come back a second time and will make a decision this week.

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